Thursday, April 9, 2020

Track Your Sales After Coronavirus Lockdown

Hi, this blog is going to be a continuation of my previous Blog Track Your Sales During Coronavirus and I am going to talk a bit about what people are going through during the lockdown.

Most of us right now have been in lockdown for over two weeks. This has led to people becoming bored and getting stressed about not being able to leave their homes. People have started feeling stuck. At this time I think the two most important things are keeping the health and morals up of our selves and our beloved ones. I want to thank and want you to know I really appreciate everyone's effort in helping in making the lockdown a success by maintaining social Distancing and staying in their houses. Hope this pandemic ends soon.

Getting back to the topic. Right now we are not able to go to the customers directly as we are all working from our homes. I feel this is the time to create prospects so that when the lockdown finishes we already know who to go and visit. In the last blog, I talked about tracking who all your sales team is calling or not. To help creating suspects into Prospects Tracksqaud has come up with a new feature where as soon as one ends the call there is a task created for the person who has made the call whether its the manager or someone from their sales team can where they can fill in the details about the call they have made. This has personally helped me see all the data of all calls made by me or my sales team during the whole day or week in one place plus I can take out a report whenever I want about the calls or ask them to send it to me over Whatsapp or email. My sales team also prefers it as now no one can question if they are working throughout the day or not plus they don't have to make the reports themselves that used to take them hours now its made by TrackSquad directly with the data filled in while finishing the task. It also enables them to put their attendance so they don't have to use multiple applications. I would recommend managers to give this tool a shot as Mindmill the company making TrackSquad is constantly evolving its products to help customers in every situation.

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Monday, March 23, 2020

Tracking Sales During Coronavirus

Hi in this blog I am not only going to talk about how managers can track sales better but also a bit about the pandemic that is upon us.

I know most of us already know how scary and dangerous Coronavirus is for all of us and with the number of deaths increasing day by day, more and more cities are going under lockdown. In this situation, I think it's very important we stay indoors in our houses and stop meeting people from outside to stay safe and keep our beloved ones safe from the virus­čŽá.

Coming back to tracking sales managers can track their sales team's calls by seeing who all they have been calling and for how long from TrackSqaud and I think seeing the situation right now and in the coming couple of months it's going to become very important to ensure that people who are working from their home are still being productive. I myself find this the most important feature right now as work from home has already started in many parts of many countries where the sales team is working. Another feature of TrackSquad enables all the salespeople to upload all their travel bills every day directly on Tracksquad that helps me manage their expenses better. Don't worry even if your house doesn't get high network TrackSquad works with low internet speeds also. I find this application worth every penny. Hopefully, you will too.

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Getting ready for sales after lockdown

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Wednesday, March 18, 2020

Tracking Sales For Managers

Hi! this is in continuation of my previous blog

In this blog, I'll be speaking of ways managers can start tracking sales instead of getting lost in sales. I do realise it is difficult to be in touch with everyone on the field every day to help with this there are many tools such as TrackSquad. I have used many other tools also but this one was the most helpful for me. This allowed to send field people on routes or to meet specific clients, it showed me the location of clients and the live location of the people in the field in addition to that the field people were forced to visit the clients/shops as TrackSquad required them to get an OTP from the client to complete the task they had created or was assigned to them this gave me the assurence that they were actually working and not just whilling away their time, it allowed me to customise the fields so I can ask them to fill whatever important information I needed them to collect from the client so I can have a look at it whenever I want and take an action on that specific case as needed this ensured no data was lost or the person in the field does not forget to tell something important due to forgetfulness as we are all human and forget a log of things by the end of the day, at the end of the day u can get reports on your WhatsApp also through Tracksqaud about what happened the whole day this made my life easier and saved on a lot of time as well. TrackSquad helped me get more work out of everyone in the field and it even made me more productive. I felt the pricing of the application was also very reasonable and was totally worth every buck I spent! There is more this Application offers for managers that I will write in the next blog.

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This will make your life more productive and easier at the same time!

Monday, March 16, 2020

Introduction To Tracking Sales

Hi! I have been in sales and management for many years now and just thought of sharing the knowledge I have gathered through the years about tracking sales through this Blog.

Just to get started. I have learnt through the years sales is the easiest place a person can get lost. Once a person gets lost in the field of sales it's very hard to keep a track. Each one of us who has or wants to get into sales must know in sales if you are outside the office you might think that the manager does not know what you are doing or if you are going to the client's office or not. That is true your manger does not know where you are and you can end up doing what u want to do but in this, you will only lose track of your career and sales. For managers who are not able to speak there sales officers/people every day once or twice due to any reason is getting lost. even when a single day is lost of talking its losing sales and data that becomes very hard to track. In the starting, I got lost a lot myself also but now since a few years, I have been able to track my sales with the right tools in hand. In the coming few blogs I am going to talk about how not to get lost but start tracking your sales and how its become easier in today's day and age.

In the end, I want to leave you thinking about one question are you lost in sales or Tracking sales?

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